Want to save hundreds of thousands in tax dollars with an IRS Compliant tax mitigation strategy?

HL Cost Segregation

The Little Known IRS-Compliant Tax Mitigation Strategy

Reduce Your Income Tax Liability

Receive money (cash) back from the IRS

Receive Money Back From The IRS

Retroactively apply your tax savings put them in your piggy bank!

Retroactive Tax Savings

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Benefits Of Cost Segregation

Maximize your tax savings even under a magnifying glass

Maximize Your Tax Savings

Maximizing tax savings by adjusting the timing of deductions. When an asset’s life is shortened, depreciation expense is accelerated and tax payments are decreased during the early stages of a property’s life. This, in turn, releases cash for investment opportunities or current operating needs.

Get your umbrella up and have a clear audit trail to prove your savings to the IRS

Create An Audit Trail

Improper documentation of cost and asset classifications can lead to an unfavorable audit adjustment. A properly documented cost segregation helps resolve IRS inquiries at the earliest stages.

retroactively apply your cost segregation savings

Playing Catch-Up: Retroactively

Since 1996, taxpayers can capture immediate retroactive savings on property added since 1987. Previous rules, which provided a four-year catch-up period for retroactive savings, have been amended to allow taxpayers to take the entire amount of the adjustment in the year the cost segregation is completed. This opportunity to recapture unrecognized depreciation in one year presents an opportunity to perform retroactive cost segregation analyses on older properties to increase cash flow in the current year.

Additional Tax Benefits

Cost segregation can also reveal opportunities to reduce real estate tax liabilities and identify certain sales and use tax savings opportunities.

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