Alternative Uses Of Cost Segregation

Cost Segregation Alternative Applications


Cost Segregation isn’t widely understood. It is applied even less widely. The alternative uses and applications of this tool are vast and very few consider the second and third order affects of using cost segregation as a tool.

We have 5 separate focus areas that have additional utility and provide substantial benefits when combined with Cost Segregation. Please click on the icons below for more information.

Hotel and Villa Owners can use cost segregation as a tool and even get it done for free!

Villa and Hotel Owners

charitable fundraising with cost segregation as a tool

Charitable Fundraising

Estate Planning is key to looking after your family once you're gone. Use Cost Segregation as a tool to mitigate your tax requirements.

Estate Planning

Mitigate your IRS taxes with Cost Segregation

IRS Tax Mitigation

Use Cost Segregation with your Fractional Ownership partnership to increase your cash flow and become more profitable - a win win for everyone involved.

Fractional Ownership

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