Charitable Fundraising with Cost Segregation

How You Can Help Charities and Not-For-Profits Benefit From Cost Segregation


Get A “Double Hit” On Your Tax Mitigation Strategy


If you support charity and use the associated tax benefits then read on. You really can get a “double hit” with Cost Segregation combining it with an additional 501C-3 charitable deduction.

The Cost Segregation Study will yield a refund of significant benefit to the property owner. If the property owner then decided to use an additional 501C-3 charitable deduction of all (or some) of these proceeds, which is 100% deductible, this effectively gives the donor a “double hit” with zero actual cost in hard dollars.

(Note: there is a very reasonable fee for performing each cost segregation study, which the charity could cover out of the proceeds donated, if desired, effectively make this a zero cost transaction for the donor. Alternatively, this could be performed for free.)

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