Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax

Your Family Will Always Need You

Look after your family and keep a roof over their heads, even after you're gone, with effective family planning

Protect Your Family

Look after your family, even after you’re gone, using little known strategic IRS guidelines

Make sure you balance the scales in favor of your family, not the IRS

Scale In Favor Of YOUR Family

Don’t let the IRS tip the scales away from your family and eat into your legacy

Protect your estate and don't let the IRS force your family to sell it

Protect Your Estate

Don’t let the IRS force your family to sell any of your Estate

Leave your family secure once you're gone

Keep Your Legacy Intact

Look after your family from beyond the grave using sound financial planning

Don't Let The Hammer Fall On Your Family After You're Gone

Cost Segregation For Estate Planning

Cost Segregation is the IRS guide-lined method of re-classifying components and improvements of commercial and residential real estate resulting in reduced tax liability and increased cash flow. It is applicable to both owners and lessees.

What Does That Mean For Estate Planning?

Nearly everyone has an Estate in some form. When you die you can’t take that Estate with you. If you don’t plan what will happen to that Estate when you die then the state will do it for you. The chances are the plan isn’t in your best interests and a lot of it will go to the IRS.

Cost Segregation is a tool that your Estate Planners can use to minimize your liabilities. That’s critical – why take from the pockets of your family that you’ve left behind and give to the IRS when, for the sake of a bit of planning, you can leave your family financial sound?

We Work As Part Of Your Team

Cost Segregation is a complicated process that requires a mix of accounting skills and reading blue prints (we’re not allowed to call ourselves engineers, but who else reads blueprints?!). We work with your CPA, Estate Planner, Inheritance Tax Specialist and anyone else involved – we see ourselves as an integral part of the team.

We Are The Experts

All we do is Cost Segregation – that’s why we’re so highly rated. We won’t waste your time either – we’ll provide a free Order of Magnitude Study tailored specifically to you. From there we can all decide if this adds value to you – if not, that’s fine.

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For Industry Professionals

We use a little known IRS Strategy that follows IRS Guidelines¬†and is exactly what you, as an Estate Planner, Attorney or Inheritance Tax Specialist need to know. Our techniques can help your clients save hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. These figures aren’t exaggerated.

If your clients have commercial property (including vacation properties) with a depreciable basis of $750,000 net of land, or more, then get in touch with us.

For Families

Whether there’s been a recent bereavement (in the last 3 years) and you’re trying to deal with the finances or you’re looking ahead to plan your affairs, estate planning and inheritance tax using Cost Segregation as an integral part of that strategy is vital component to protecting your family.

If you own commercial property (including vacation properties) as part of your estate that is valued in excess of $750,000 net of land then please get in touch with us.