IRS Tax Mitigation

What If There Was A Way To Reduce Your IRS Tax Liabilities By Six Or Seven Figures?


reduce your tax liabilities

Reduce Your Tax Liabilities

segregate your property assets

Segregate Your Property Assets

avoid severe IRS penalties

Avoid Severe IRS Penalties

keep your money away from the IRS and keep it in your hands

Retain More Of Your Hard Earned Money

The Harsh Reality

Every day there are hundreds of US citizens, “green-card” holders, visa holders, international investors, US expats, and dual citizens who are waking up to a harsh reality: They have undisclosed offshore bank accounts and other unreported assets and income earned overseas.

They are also learning that the penalties for these errors can be unbelievably severe.


Tax Mitigation With The IRS Must Be Handled By Professionals

How We Can Help You

We’re not IRS Tax Mitigation Specialists. Instead, we use a little known technique as part of tax mitigation, to minimize your liabilities.

We work hand in hand with your Tax Mitigation Attorney (don’t have one? – don’t worry, we can refer you). We undertake Cost Segregation Strategies on your real estate in the background. Your Attorneys solve your problem with the IRS (and, normally, work out how much you owe the IRS). Once the deal has been set you present the Cost Segregation Study to the IRS and wipe out 6 or 7 figures of your debt.

You’re paying your IRS debt to the IRS with their own money.

Of course, that’s the simple version of it all. It’s more complicated and every case is different so we can’t make any direct promises to you right now.

But, we offer a free consultation – you’ve got nothing to lose.

Get in touch, let’s understand your problems and we’ll let you know if we can help you – we’re not hear to waste anyone’s time and we’ll be upfront with you on how we can help.

Will This Save You $1,000,000 Or More From The IRS?